Regulations For New Meter Service

  • You are required to have a Service Address.  If you do not have a current service address you must call the County Judge’s Office (606) 663-2834 or Dispatch at (606) 663-4116 to be assigned a 911 service address.
  • The person who will be living at the Service Address is required to come into the office with a picture I.D. and a document with their social security number to do a contract for service and pay the contract fee amounts,  which consist of a water meter tap and deposit and/or sewer tap fee and deposit.
  • State Law requires you to call 811 to have underground lines located.  It is your responsibility to notify our office when the lines have been located.
  • A 3/4″ service line of at least 200 PSI.
  • A shut off valve, located directly on your side of the meter and at your house or trailer with easy access to it.
  • Service lines to be at least 30″ deep
  • No galvanized fittings
  • No cross connections, (meaning wells, cisterns, or other sources of water cannot be hooked into the same line or watering system as served by Powell’s Valley Water District)
  • Ditches are to be left open to be inspected by an employee of Powell’s Valley Water District before being backfilled.
  • We must have a copy of a valid Kentucky State Plumbing Permit in accordance with KRS 318.165 or a Farm Exemption Permit if you own more than 10 acres.  Mr. Dale Godsey, the Plumbing Inspector is in on Monday only from 1:00 P.M. to 2:00 P.M. at the Stanton Health Department, phone #606 359-3849.  Website https:/, if you use the website you are required to call to set up the inspection
  • Powell’s Valley Water District has up to 30 working days to set a meter box.
  • Check Valve (Back Flow Prevention)